Update on my head.

so its been since the beginning of July since I started my dreads. its been frustrating, wonderful and I have in turn become even more aware of what my body can do. My dreads now are doing the funkiest things ever. including the sight of my massive natural blonde roots that are coming through the black.. that plus pale skin equals the look of bald patches but I assure you theyre not.  I'm questioning now how to control all the loose hairs I've been getting. I have been reading up in GUDU memories ever since I got them and the crochet tool is a bothersome thing. I dont get it. I tried thread and ended up taking it out. now ive been sticking to just keeping them clean with suave ph balanced residue free shampoo. and salt water. I think theyve come a long way from when I first posted here. theyre much thicker, and taking shape much better. so big thanks to LEYLOH  for suggesting the removal of the wool. it was a stupid idea. haha but hey, trial and error am I right? anyway, heres some photos of my head for you all. 
Collapse ) half of my head still is undreaded cause of my undercut I had in April. boyfrand is gonna help me with that in a few months it'll be almost shoulder length by then. :D
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Third Time's the Charm?

Hello! I've been following this community for about four or five years now.  I've had dreads two times, and each time had to take them out for employment.  I'm ready to go again, and this time forevers! I was wondering if there was anyone in the Washington state area that would be able to help me (;

Lots of Love,


my babiess

Before I started really dreading my hair I started off with synthetic..  I made all my wool dreads.. I'm a more natural lady at best anyway. The wool has truely become part of my spirit, and part of my natural dreads. To the point that once my dreads reach a level of maturity I will shred and felt some wool into my dreads. I love having the option to take the wool out too :] my babies had actually started forming because of the wools rubbing effect a while ago. And alas my boyfriend, who has had previous sets of dreads before has shown me and helped me in my process. I've started to learn little ways in how the hair knots and tangles.. and how unique my babies are becoming.

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Hey everyone! My dreads are 1 month and 3 days old. I've been debating if I should take out the front dreads and make bangs. I realize that I made them kind of small and now that I'm looking at them I'm not sure if they'll be strong enough once they mature. A friend suggested combing them out and making bangs.

Below are two pics. Yes, I have a lot of grey in the front. I might henna it (had been growing it out but not sure if I like it). Right now my hair is grey, brown, and auburn (from when I used to do henna...before dreads). I'm not sure with the color. I might wind up bleaching the bangs and one or two dreads and using henna on the rest. I'm kind of up in the air about it. Eventually I might dye them other colors but maybe not. Have to figure it out.

Anyway, my big thing right now is the bangs. I'm just not sure if they would look good. Everyone says, "I'll have to see you in bangs to know" but I haven't had bangs since I was 15 (I'm 32 now). So other than family and 2 friends no one in my life knows what I look like with bangs. lol And what I looked like then is totally different from now. lol

If I do bangs they'll probably be long. Not sure how long...I'll have to play with them.

If it matters the hair in the front is also very thin. I had made a mistake a few years ago and lost some hair (long embarrassing story). I haven't lost any more but the hair I did lose never grew back. I seem to be the only person who notices (unless you look for it) but I'm nervous that the thin hair might not be strong enough for dreads. Another reason for maybe doing bangs.

What do you all think?

Here are two pics. One with my dreads down and another with them up. Yeah, blinding white hair with it up. lol But I do wear them up a lot when outside. The heat kills me!

month1day3 down

month1day3 up

Slightly weird request - need help with extensions

This is totally dread related so I'm sure its OK to post here, its just a little unusual lol. My dreads are 2 1/2 months old and extremely tight. They shrank and got fat for awhile, now they are getting skinnier again, and it's a fun process to watch. I am wanting to at some point extend them, they are short enough to where I can't really pull them back or do updos and it would be nice to be able to do that especially once the baby is here. I have a pack of 14" human hair for the process. I know extensions generally aren't recommended for the first 6 months, mine are tight enough that I'm pretty sure they'd hold them now, and I have successfully extended youngish dreads on myself in the past with no issues. but just so long as I get them in before the baby arrives in Jan/Feb I'll be happy. After that I'm sure I won't be doing any maintenance or messing with my hair for a loooonnnnnng time lol - babies tend to take over your life for at least the first year - one of the reasons I dreaded back up in the first place, other than ocasionally crocheting in loose hairs and palmrolling, I really enjoy not having to do anything to my hair, as I HATED daily washings and blowdryings etc of my former brushable hair - even the oiliness that made frequent washing a necessity before has calmed down and I don't even *have* to do that that often, unless I want to.

Ok that was a lot of rambling to get to my point, which is that I'm looking for someone to help me dread up this loose hair so I can extend with it. Between moving into the house we just bought, 6 kids running around underfoot, (including two that aren't in school yet) and having an arm issue that means I can't have full use of my dreading arm for quite some time (old recurring childhood injury revisited, it was a compound dislocation and I have to wear a sling for many weeks and at some point get surgery) I don't see getting this extensions finished any time soon. So is there anyone out there that would be willing to help out with this project? i can mail you the hair and pay for you to ship it back once dreaded plus whatever you think would be fair for labor costs. The hair is yaki human hair, 14 inches long on a weft/track, and i can cut a few sections to size or all of them before hand to show you how big i want them - typically around a 1 1/2" size piece per dread. Oh yeah I only need about 30-ish dreads so its not a huge job.

If anyone would like to help out a fellow dreadie, please note here or email me at earthymamawitch@hotmail.com

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